Racing Betting Online in America

Online and mobile sports books are rapidly growing in popularity all over the world, but particularly in the States. Quickly becoming America’s favorite way to bet, our sports books have all the great international sports vying for top spot on the betting line up. Chief amongst sports to place wagers on, in terms of sheer popularity, is racing betting. Sports books bring together all the racing events that bettors love, delivering the opportunity of betting highly profitably on the proverbial platter.

Placing a stake on the races, whether it be foot, horse, greyhound or even a motor vehicle, is a pleasure and thrill everyone should experience. The simple pleasure of watching racers compete for definitive, outright victory is always enthralling. Upping the ante with a prediction on the outcome makes for heart-stopping tension, and describes the reason for the popularity of racing betting. The popularity of these events in turn escalates the potential winning opportunities available. Therefore, American bettors looking for the ultimate betting thrill, here is the place to do it; the very best sites with the best racing and the best odds!

Thanks to the internet and online world, the tradition of has only strengthened and now bettors across the world enjoy and bet on races happening anywhere. The variety is positively staggering and the possibilities endless. In America the only problem is choosing which is your most favorite to bet on.

Perhaps still the most popular races bet upon in the States are the major horse races. With the USA boasting some of the biggest sporting events in the country like the Kentucky Derby and the Breeders Cup Series, this betting sport plays host to an immense following. Purses are huge, bettors are excited, and bookmakers are everywhere. Horse racing bets available are both broad and plentiful, allowing a tactical approach to the punting game to be effective. Bettors with all levels of experience can join in on a day at the races, with many bets having simpler strategies and easier odds. Overall the horse racing part of the online racing betting menu promises loads of options and odds to bettors as well as a lucrative chance of return, and all while enjoying the horses with a day at the tracks!

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Another racing favorite is greyhound racing. These beautiful and incredibly quick dogs can reach remarkable speeds around the track and as such guarantee an exciting race each time. Following the dogs round the track as they chase the rabbit lure may make for entertaining watching, but the betting environment surrounding it is a far more worthwhile and lucrative goal. Again with a broad range of betting options and an online popularity bolstering the odds and wins available, greyhound racing distinguishes itself as one of the premium racing betting options available.

High on the popularity scale is another racing option; motor racing. Large swathes of America are devoted to NASCAR and the world-class racing circuit available throughout the country. Again, with the convenience of online sports books motor enthusiast bettors will never be short of choice.

Great Sportsbook Sites for Racing Betting

This synopsis is but a taste of the racing betting that can be discovered at our splendid sports book sites. Each of these sports betting sites offering a collection of great odds, the full array of betting options and all in a safe and secure environment. American bettors; the races await!