NBA Betting in America

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. This is even truer in the USA, where it ranks within the top 3. Over 26 million Americans play basketball. 4.1 million of whom play in an organized league of some sort.

The highest earning NBA players at current are Kobe Bryant, Amar’e Stoudemire, and Joe Johnson. All of whom earn over 23 million USD. With so many people playing, and so much money tossed around in basketball, it should come as no surprise that it also has a truly huge and very active betting community online.

The fact that NBA games are played daily means that there is always an opportunity for wagering. As soon as the season starts with the qualifiers, bets are being constantly made. NBA games are quite popular and so there are always huge amounts of people betting on each match. Once the playoffs start, this only picks up and as it nears the end of the season, the stakes get higher. If it comes to a point that a game is worth the Larry O’Brien trophy, that is when payouts can be at maximum and US bettors can really win big.

The season is very long and competitive. Very often there are high class teams going head to head. Bettors in the USA should have no problem capitalizing on this chance, especially since wagers can be placed easily online and through mobile betting. As an American, it is your perfect chance to join in.

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NBA Betting Variations

The competition structure means that there are always opportunities for a wager. From the qualifiers to the playoffs the chances are tremendous. But what are some of the aspects that can be bet on?

Game winners: This is the most commonly placed bet within the NBA. Simply, it gives the punter a chance to place bets on who they think will be the winning team of a specific game. This is the most popular bet simply because within a season, there are 66 different games to bet on, and so 66 opportunities to win.

Handicapped games: Standard point spreads are set. For example if team A is ranked as a heavy favorite against team B, the bookmaker could set a value, for example 20 points. So for a bet for team A to pay out, they need to win by more than 20 points. For a bet for team B to pay out, they either need to win, draw, or lose by a value less than 20. If the difference is exactly 20, the bet is cancelled.

Tournament winner: If you can accurately predict the winner of the tournament, the payout can be enormous, due to the ever changing nature of the league.

Prop bets: These basically include all bets not listed. These can be almost anything. From total number of points scored in a game, to which player will score the highest, or who will get the first basket.

It is quite apparent that the game has a huge amount of chances and choices when it comes to betting. All you need to do is know the teams, and their strengths and weaknesses, to have a chance to capitalize greatly.

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