Top American Online Betting Horse Racing Tips

Betting on horse races is popular all over the world, including in the online sports betting sites in America. There is no greater feeling than watching the horse that you backed come in, and deciding how to bet is just as much a part of the experience as watching the race. Trustworthy horse racing tips can take your winnings from respectable to spectacular, but they must be used wisely. To find out more about applying these tips, read out guidelines below.

Before you even consider horse racing tips, make sure you understand all of your betting options. You can then combine this knowledge with everything you learn about the races, from data you research and tips that come your way, and make the shrewdest decisions. Bearing this in mind, we have described the main wagering options here.

  • Win and Place bets are the simplest wagers you can make, and are the basis for many creative promotions at online American betting sites. You need to predict the horse that will come in first, second or third.
  • You can also make several exotic bets including Trifectas, Exactas and Quadrellas.
  • As your confidence develops, you can also choose to run several bets across different events at the same time with multi bets like Doubles, Trebles and Parlays.
  • Special bets are sometimes also run on particular events and can be very rewarding, so keep a look-out for them.

It’s always important to gather as many facts as possible when making important betting decisions. Thanks to limitless Internet resources, finding information on the horse racing bets available on online American bookmakers is easy. Try to find out as much as you can about the winning and losing streaks and win/loss percentages, and take note of anything else you come across. Check these facts for the horse and the jockey, as they work together and can really influence each other’s performance.

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Considering Horse Racing Tips

Once you have all the factual information you can find, it’s time to look at racing tips. You can find these online in chat rooms and forums. There are many reputable sites in America, but we definitely advize proceeding with caution. Choose one that has a lot of traffic and several good reviews, and place small bets based on the tips you get until you are sure you can trust them. As you bet more you will also develop more instincts about jockeys, horses and tracks and will be able to consider tips and information with this intuition.

Weigh your Odds on Horse Racing

Your last essential online American betting consideration is the odds on your prospective horses. Sure winners may not have the best odds for you, and backing them is no guarantee of big winnings. If you come across horse racing tips that your feel you can trust about long shots, you could choose to play the odds and may gain large windfalls. If you feel less sure, it may be wiser to back a sure thing. Every situation is unique, so assess each one individually.

Keep Betting

The more you punt and win, the more you will know what bets work for you and what horse racing tips you can trust. Apply your understanding of the track, all the information you can gather and any tips you get wisely at our reviewed online American bookies.