Best Live Betting Online for Americans

Online betting sites in America have been a big hit since they were first introduced, especially because they offer so many more possibilities than land-based bookmakers ever could. You can choose many different kinds of markets and several different ways to bet, and can research your options thoroughly and stay on top of any significant developments. One of the most exciting options available to online bettors in America is live betting, which can really help to build up your bankroll. To get the best from your live wagering experiences, check out our sports betting guide here.

Also called in-play betting, this type of wagering involves you betting on an event’s outcomes as it progresses in real time and the action unfolds. You can usually choose to be on the whole game’s final results or on the quarter- or half-time results. When you place your live bets with the online American bookmakers that we review here the moneyline, spread, total and the current score are clearly displayed. As the score changes these bets are affected and you are able to reformulate your strategy to hedge losing bets or compound the ones that are winning.

The more time you spend making in-play bets at reputable online American bookmakers, the more comfortable you will be with them and the more you will refine your own wagering strategy. To start you off on the right foot, we have three pieces of basic advice to offer you here.

The first thing to remember is to start with a pre-game bet if you can. This gives you more context and grounds you in what is happening more. You will have a touchstone to refer to as you decide on your actions when the game is actually happening. Don’t worry about losing what you put down on such a bet, because you can recover it while betting live and if your starting point is winning you can lean harder on it to increase your returns even more.

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Live Betting Tips

Secondly, you should always try to begin your live betting with a good bankroll. This will allow you much more flexibility, which is essential if you are placing wagers on real-time events. A good rule of thumb is staking half of your intended bankroll on pre-game bets and keeping the rest for in-play bets. This will leave you with enough wiggle room to maximise your wins.

The last piece of advice might be the most important: to trust your own intuition. You should never make decisions based on emotions, no matter how loyal you feel to a player or team, but once you have taken in all the facts and noted how the action is unfolding there is definitely a place for listening to your gut reaction. Keep refining and evolving your strategy, and remember to have faith in yourself.

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Live betting will get your blood pumping as you roll with unfolding action, and allows you to recoup your losses or build on your wins. It’s the ideal wagering situation, and if we have whet your appetite check out the great in-play options at the online American sports betting sites reviewed here.