Best Tote Betting Online in America

Online betting and wagering can be great fun, as well as highly lucrative. This is because of the wealth of possibilities to bet on, the great online sportsbooks that cater to these bets and the wonderful online community of bettors involved. Leading the pack of popular online betting is sport. Chiefly so because it not only offers bettors a whole range of great games to bet on but also the thrill of the games themselves, effectively combining American’s love for the game with their love of gambling.

Now though, as online sports betting enthusiasm grows, bettors can take advantage of the betting community as a whole with the best online totes available. These bets utilize the mass of online bettors to accrue and subsequently dole out extremely lucrative winnings, allowing this platform of betting to be some of the most thrilling around!

America has always held sports in high regard, with great games like baseball, football and basketball becoming more than just a game and almost a whole way of life. This passion and enthusiasm for sport has grown the sports betting industry into what it is today. And as the communities of sports bettors grow, so too do the varieties of sports available to bet on, and even further, the variety of bets available. A leader in this regard is the ever popular horse races and betting thereof, which has held bettors attention for centuries. Now though, with the online world as advanced as it has become, the famous horse betting can, and is, increasing lucrative. This is because of one specific facet, the very best online totes.

TOP online totes SITESJune 2024
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What Makes the Best Online Totes?

In order to perhaps fully grasp the extent of which these online totes have changed the betting world, bettors should first understand what the tote bet is. Also known as pari-mutuel and pool betting the structure behind these types of bets is rather straightforward. Unlike the standard fixed odds of most other sports betting, horse racing and others like it have the option to wager as a community, which pools together all bets made from the bettors and after the event distributes this pooled wealth to the winning bettors. Effectively what this does is allow bettors two golden betting opportunities. The first of these is the floating and shifting odds.

Based on the number of bettors betting, the sizes of the bets made and of course on which outcomes, the odds available in this betting format float around, and for the wary punter can reap highly lucrative returns. Secondly the size of the community reflects the respective size of the purse, and as such, thanks largely to the internet and its globalization of events, means that some of the biggest wins online are available through the best online totes.

American bettors are therefore urged to investigate the totes available on these magnificent online betting sportsbooks here, find the games that support it, and be a part of one of the biggest winning opportunities around. Join the online community today America, enjoy the very best online totes and horse racing around, and win big!